Loving new baby nail clippers

After the nail clipping debaucle almost 4 months ago, I have still been very hesitant about clipping our son’s nails. He has such a loud scream that the thought of going through that again almost brought me to tears. However, he’s been scratching up his face so much lately that I finally felt confident to try again.

Last week, I brought out the nail clippers from the safety kit.  After several days of hesitantly bringing the clippers to his fingers and not being able to depress the handle I gave up. As I talked to a few of my new mommy friends, one of them suggested the fat nail clippers with a rubber handle.

The funny thing about this is that I have given those to several of my friends when they had babies and they all told me how much they helped. Oh how the new mommy mind forgets some important tidbits of information.

So I purchased the Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Steady Grip Nail Clippers. I broke open the pack and had the clippers sitting by my nursing station. I managed to clip his beastly toenails without too much issue but I was still a little scared-y cat when it came to his fingernails.

A few days passed and on Sunday afternoon I finally decided to brave the claws. I had him in the cradle hold and managed to get two fingernails done. But my son really doesn’t like the cradle hold unless he’s half asleep and nursing.

So I sat him on my lap facing out and held his big little hands in mine and finished off his left hand without any problems. Continued on to the right hand and barely got a fuss out of him.  Success!

Who knew that clipping your son’s nails could make you feel like a good mother!

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