Inside the secret world of Trader Joe’s – Aug. 23, 2010

Inside the secret world of Trader Joe’s – Aug. 23, 2010.

Anyone who reads my blogs, or more specifically my recipes, is probably very aware of the fact that I shop at Trader Joe’s… A LOT! Although this article is quite long (I read long articles in the newspaper, but online, I find them a bit difficult) it is very informative.

There is one comment (towards the end) about Trader Joe’s not being good for a family because they don’t sell baby food. That’s not quite right. In fact I buy most of my food for Milan at Trader Joe’s.  Always have. BUT I make the majority of it myself.

It is true, there are not any baby food jars there. But here are some Trader Joe’s shortcuts or ready made food for babies:

  • pear sauce
  • organic apple sauce – they even have them in snack cup sizes
  • Bananas
  • Squash cut into cubes in a bag. Just plop that in a steamer or microwave and blend with some water. So quick, so easy.
  • Joe’s O’s – The Trader Joe’s version of cheerios, just a little healthier

Here are current foods that I purchase from Trader Joe’s for my baby:

  • Bananas – simply the easiest food to feed your baby
  • A “Fig” Walks Into a Bar – cereal bars that both my husband and my toddler eat all the time
  • Dates
  • Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Grapes and just about any other fruit
  • Teriyaki tofu
  • Those little pita pockets – I fill them with just about anything
  • All of his smoothie items: Whole grain or almond milk, almond or peanut butter, organic yogurt, dried dates (I just put them in some water the night before to soften them up)
  • Organic Milk – they have some of the best prices around when it comes to organic dairy products

For the most part, I feed Milan whatever we’re eating and not prepared foods. We started doing that as soon as we could. I used to change my meal plans to things that he could eat.

I have a few exceptions to prepared baby food which include Plum Organics Pouches and Ella’s Kitchen Organic pouches. They are super easy to just throw in your diaper bag for when you’re on the go.

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One comment on “Inside the secret world of Trader Joe’s – Aug. 23, 2010
  1. Eri says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the baby food! They don’t have jarred baby foods but I never bought that stuff anyway (except for emergencies or while traveling) and there’s plenty of stuff that I’m happy to give my kids. And I LOVE those baby pita bread too! I’m going to try the Teriyaki Tofu. I bet Ben would love them 😉

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