I finally remember the milk

I have a handy-dandy to-do list on www.rememberthemilk.com (RTM) that I live by. Its a great online tool with offline and mobile phone access.  Its an amazing product that I don’t know how I ever lived without before getting it.  I put my weekly chores (along with the rest of my life) on there and have them repeat as required. Its great because I can set the repeat for whatever interval I want, every 3 days, every 3 weeks, once a month, etc.

So each day when I have a moment or two, I check out my list for this week’s home chores. I select the item or two that I feel like doing and mark them complete (after doing them of course). At the end of the day I view the list of completed items to see what I did. Its a great way to remind me that I actually do a lot.

Before I started running the list at night, I felt like I was never getting everything done because every where I looked I could see something that needed to be done. But now that I’m faithfully using my RTM list every day, I don’t focus on the work that has to be done as much because I know in my mind that I will get to it since its in my list.

According to the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen, when you have a system that you are confident has all of your loose ends in it (all of your to do items), you feel more relaxed and more productive. This always sounded like such a wonderful idea. And to be honest, I’ve been trying to implement a good system for a couple of years. I’m not very good with daily tasks so I needed a flexible system that could accommodate my lackadaisical methodology.

RTM was the solution for me. Its very flexible and you can set it up however you like. Its super easy to add tasks to it – you can just email yourself. I send messages from my phone. I always seem to remember things when I’m put walking my son and my dog.

One of the best things is since I can access the list from anywhere on my phone, I now remember to buy what I want/need when I’m at the store. I really do “Remember the Milk.”

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