Hubby’s Birthday

For a birthday present, our dear friend volunteered to watch Milan for us on Saturday night. My friend and I have had numerous discussions about clutter and how much she abhors it. Since she is doing us the favor of babysitting for us, I thought the only appropriate thing to do would be to have a clean living room and kitchen for her so she didn’t feel overwhelmed like I do.

I struggle with work/baby balance. When I’m working a lot while he is awake (whether as a WAHM or SAHM) I feel like I’m not providing a rich, interesting environment for my son. Although, I don’t mind sweeping, dusting and doing laundry with him because he can help me. Those activities are good for him. But unpacking boxes (yes, we still have some boxes of random crap that need to be gone through) or filing papers are not activities that he likes nor give him any sort of enrichment. So, the boxes have stayed unpacked and the papers get stacked up waiting to be filed.

Friday night when he came home, I was a bit frazzled because I hadn’t been able to get as much work done as I had wanted to. When I’m feeling like this, I’m kind of a “B”! I was snapping at him and barking orders… just what a tired man wants to come home to after a long day at work, huh?

My husband normally works on Saturday, but he took this one off since it was his b-day. As we sat in our living room on Saturday morning discussing our plans for the day, we realized this was the first Saturday he had taken off since our vacation last October! When I asked him what he wanted to do, he looked at me and said “let’s clean!”

What? Did I hear him correctly? Oh, he’s joking!

“Haha, so what do you really want to do?” I replied. “Clean!” he said.

Apparently, the best birthday present he could have is a wife who doesn’t nag at him.

Our discussion helped him realize that I’ve been working 6 days a week, too! Besides a few random Sunday’s when I “made” him stay home and do things around the house, we go out and enjoy the day since its his only day off. But that means, I’m stuck living in a cluttered house 6 days a week!

I know that 4 years is a relatively short period of time. But even after 4 years, my husband still pleasantly surprises me!

After we cleaned the house, my friend came over and we had a wonderful evening… just the two of us – and no nagging!

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