Homemade Wipes Warning

I’ve been using my own wipes since DS was born and have had no problems … that is until recently. We mostly have used just water in a wipes warmer. We only put about 6 flannel wipes in there at a time so there isn’t a mildew issue.

I decided to change it up a bit for the last couple of months and have been using a solution that calls for baby soap & olive oil.  I use California Baby Sensitive Skin wash for DS, but I didn’t like the smell (or lack there of) for the wipes.  So I decided to use our lavender Dr. Bronner’s which we use for our hands.  Since it says it is safe for cloth diapers on the bottle I didn’t think anything of it.  That is until all of my pocket diapers & microfiber inserts started repelling water.  Although I think repelling doesn’t really explain it… the water beaded off and absolutely none of the pee ended up in the diaper and nearly all of the pee ended up on my DS’ clothes.

After searching for why, it donned on me that it was the wipes.  Both Dr. Bronner’s and olive oil are known to cause build up and therefore repelling.

I’ve looked up the ingredients in the most popular and highly rated wipes solution and they either are made with jojoba oil or coconut oil or both.  I’m experimenting with using jojoba oil directly on a wipe.  It works great for cleaning my baby’s bottom, I’m just not sure if it will cause repelling issues.  I’ll put up a post as soon as I know.  I have used just coconut oil and didn’t have any problems as it rinses cleanly with warm water (FYI:  Coconut oil is good for preventing/healing diaper rash).  I’m crossing my fingers for the jojoba oil.

But I still need a solution for my wipes.  I’m trying the one below because I really like there to be more than just water.

So my new solution is:

1 part Aloe Vera juice

4 parts Water

1-3 drops tea tree oil

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