Homemade acne mask

homemade-acne-maskSo I do realize that the title says homemade acne mask, but the truth is this mask is good for all kinds of skin types. I call it an acne mask because my primary purpose in using it is to get rid of and keep acne away. I have dry skin that becomes an oil slick when its irritated and thus becomes a mine field of acne. By using this mask when I take a shower which I’ve got to admit, is not every day (1. my skin is on the dry side and showering every day wreaks havoc on my skin and 2. I’m a mom of small children and sometimes sleep beats out being clean), I’m able to keep my acne at bay.

I used to use a honey and turmeric mask on my face but I felt it was always a bit messy and I didn’t like the way it was if I prepared it ahead of time. I also used just oatmeal flour to wash my face for a couple of years (back when I lived in a place that had really good water) and it was wonderful. But since moving to our place with hard water, it just wasn’t cutting it.

After a lot of trial and error, I FINALLY came up with the perfect combination of ingredients for a gentle, safe to use every day homemade mask that works wonderfully on my skin.



You may need start by melting the coconut oil if its cold. If its warm, it will already be liquid. Mix the first 4 ingredients together really well. Add water to it until it is a nice smooth paste. I find that I usually only need 3 1/2 tbsp while the coconut oil is warm and in liquid state. But after you put it in the fridge, you’ll probably need to add another 1/2 tbsp to get the mixture into a smooth paste again.

Store in the fridge for up to 10 days.

NOTES: I HIGHLY recommend using a spoon and not your fingers to get the mask out of your container as the bacteria on your hands will breed in this.

Secondly, it starts to smell a little funky after awhile. Since you’re not ingesting it, it shouldn’t cause any problems. I’ve used it  after its already been over 2 weeks old and didn’t have any issues. BUT every face is different.

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