Home remedy for pink eye or other eye infection

This morning when I woke up, my eye was especially itchy. I just thought it was because the air is really dry in our house and I have not been so good and keeping hydrated (really not good since I’m breasfeeding right now). As the day progressed, it started to feel like something was in my eye. So I assumed that there was actually something in my eye. I rubbed it periodically throughout the day figuring that whatever was in there was going to eventually work its way out.

Boy was I wrong! After I woke up from our afternoon nap (I take a nap when both my boys allow me to), I thought I was going to rip my eye out because I was itching so badly. I ran to the mirror and low and behold the tell tale sign of pink eye or some other eye infection.

After a quick internet search for some home remedies, I came across several mentions about using tea. Since I’m quite up to par on home remedies and why they work, the tea remedy totally made sense. So I gave it a try.

Within just a few moments my eye went from crazy, inconsolable scratchy feeling to “OMG, my eye almost feels normal.”  Within a couple of hours the redness was gone, the weird goopy stuff was gone and the itching was gone. My right eye started to get itchy (I must’ve spread whatever was causing it from one eye to the other) and used the drops as soon as I noticed the itching.

UPDATE: I used the drops for 2 days and the infection never progressed and was gone before I knew it. The time between needing to repeat the eye drops got longer and longer until my eyes didn’t bother me. Of course, if the itching and redness had persisted, I would’ve gone to a doctor. But I highly recommend trying this if you get an eye infection.

The Remedy:

  • Steep 1 bag of either green or black tea in warm, not hot water
  • Squeeze excess water out of tea bag, reserve the tea for later use
  • Check to make sure tea bag is not too hot and then place bag over infected eye. If both eyes are infected, you’ll want to use a separate bag for each eye.
  • Let tea bag sit on eye for 5-10 minutes
  • Put a couple drops of the remaining tea with an eye dropper in the eye as needed. Keep tea in fridge up to 24 hours.


Due to the necessity to take care of children, I was only able to keep the bag on my eye for just a couple of minutes. But I used the drops several times until the itching went away. I have had to repeat the tea eye drops about every half hour to an hour to relieve the itching.

The tannin in black tea (green tea is just young black tea) is a natural astringent and has anti-bacterial properties.  That is why it is a healthy, cleansing drink.

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6 comments on “Home remedy for pink eye or other eye infection
  1. Wayne says:

    I have used this method for irritated eyes quite a few times. It does work.

  2. Deonna Brase says:

    Viral conjunctivitis is often associated with an infection of the upper respiratory tract, a common cold, and/or a sore throat. Its symptoms include excessive watering and itching. The infection usually begins with one eye, but may spread easily to the other.”`–

    Our own blog site

  3. Rob Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have had problems with Chronic conjunctivitis for 14 years.. I found this site and it ended a 2 week run of pain for me in 5 minutes!

  4. Michael says:

    The use of tea leaves to counter eye infections is a traditional remedy used by the Chinese for hundreds of years. Back in the old days before tea bags were invented, my mom told me that my great grandmother would take used, wet, tea leaves, wrapped them in a piece of cloth and placed them over the infected eye. It was repeated a few times over the day and the infection would clear up by the next day. It was an inexpensive, effective, remedy since tea is drunk everyday. The type of tea didn’t matter. Chinese tea could be regular Green tea, Oolong, Pu’er. I also use Indian tea, Assam, Darjiling since they are the same thing “Camellia Sinensis”. I have never used eye drops before because my pink eye never got so bad that I need to go to the doctor for it. I hope this piece of info helps reassure people that the use of tea leaves for pink eye is effective since it has been used in my family for over a hundred years.

  5. Debra Elias says:

    I need this remedy for my dog. He keeps getting ear infections. This time it went to his eye. I’m going to try the tea bag. Thank u for this info.

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