Got our new shower head water filter

Our new Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter from Amazon arrived today. I know that I could have installed it myself, but I had my husband install it. Afterall, isn’t that one of the perks of getting married? I’m so excited to use it tomorrow morning.

The acne on my face has drastically improved over the last few days since I’ve been using the filtered drinking water from the kitchen to wash my face. I will not miss the awkwardness of  washing my face in the sink using the pitcher of water. Although, I would gladly do so every day if it means I can have nice skin.

Luckily, I have not been breaking out on my back or other parts of my body. The skin on my body is definitely dry but that could easily be from the season. I do hope that the filter provides healthier skin for the rest of me, too. I’m also really interested to see how my hair reacts. Maybe I’ll be having good hair days on a regular basis. Who wouldn’t want that?

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