Getting ready for cleaning the garage

In honor of Labor Day, my hubby and I are finally tackling the garage ~ woohoo! I spent the day finishing going through the very last of the boxes in the house. Yes, I still have, correction had, boxes that needed to be unpacked. Yes, we moved over 5 months ago.

I’m finished with the stuff inside the house, well sort of… I do have one box of things we’re going to put up, we just don’t know which items or where yet. I can’t believe how long it has taken. I was so quick with the majority of things. I never dreamed (is that the right word when its really a nightmare) that it would take this long to get everything unpacked. And we don’t even have any artwork on the walls yet.

I guess that’s what happens when you try to spend the majority of your day trying to provide a rich and nourishing environment for a growing boy… and he is growing. We had such a great time at the park tonight with my husband. I absolutely love going to the park with him now. He can climb up the stairs, go down the slide and then climb back up it – all on his own. Of course mommy is right behind him… just in case. I think its really funny that he can totally climb up the slide by himself, but he still can’t walk.

Now after a long day of playing, cleaning, playing, sorting, playing and putting stuff away, I’m ready to tackle the nightmarish job of our garage. I hate thinking about how much crap we have accumulated. I kind of feel like one of those crazy hoarders when I look at all of the junk piled on top of more junk. In all fairness, we did have the garage somewhat organized when we first moved in but a couple of months after we moved in, the apartment owner wanted to paint the garage. So we had to put everything piled into the center of the garage so the painters could get around.

Since my husband works 6 days a week, neither one of us really wanted to spend his only day off cleaning the garage. But since Monday is a holiday, we’re tackling the big G tomorrow. Then we won’t have to labor on Labor day even though I’m sure we’ll be feeling the pains of our labor.

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