Fruit Flies

Every so often, we’ll bring home some fruit or veggies along with some fruit flies. Those little things are hard to get rid of, especially if you have house plants (they like to bury their eggs in the moist top soil). Before we moved, I did a search on the internet for a safe solution to get rid of fruit flies. There were several good suggestions. But over the months, I developed my own mix of things. After we came back from our trip this week, we had quite a lot flying around.

So a couple of nights ago, I set up my trap. I’m proud to say that as of this morning, there are 22 of them and I don’t see any in the air.

My recipe for getting rid of fruit flies using natural ingredients:

  • You’ll need a white or yellow cup that will hold about 1/2 cup of liquid
  • 1 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 squirt of dish soap
  • about 1/2 cup of water

Put the squirt of dish soap in the bottom of the cup and then add water. Next add the apple cider vinegar. Set it out on the counter and catch some fruit flies.


  • Why a white or yellow cup? Fruit flies are naturally attracted to yellow pigment. I find the white cup actually works better because with the yellow cup, the flies often don’t venture in to the solution.
  • Why organic apple cider vinegar? As I said earlier, I’ve been working on my solution for awhile (we used to get them all the time at our last place because one of our windows opened up to a trash can area). I’ve tried this with white vinegar in a yellow cup, with regular apple cider vinegar and with organic apple cider vinegar. I hardly caught any with the white vinegar. I caught a few with the regular apple cider vinegar. But there are always a lot in the organic ACV solution. Its probably because it smells more like apples – one of the fruits that those little buggers love.
  • You’ll need the soap, if you don’t, the fruit flies can climb back out of the water. They are light enough that they float on the water. The soap breaks the water bonds and the flies sink into the solution.
  • You’ll want enough water so that you can leave it out for a few days. If you live in a high humidity area, then you probably don’t have to worry about how much water is in there. But since I live in Los Angeles, it is really dry here. I’ve tried adding water back in, but when you add the water to the solution again, its just not as effective. If the solution dries up before you’ve gotten rid of all of the fruit flies, just start over.

Besides being made from natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about kids, dogs or cats getting into the solution. Its not going to do any harm even if your little toddler wants to see what it tastes like.

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4 comments on “Fruit Flies
  1. Dave says:

    dude this is not your idea its been around now for about 100 yrs my grandmother told me this is what she used to do so unless your 80 iono??????But n e ways incense works really well too

  2. Wendy P says:

    Some of the best remedies are the ones that have been around forever. Never claimed to be the inventor of this. I’ve just had several people ask me how I keep fruit flies out. And one of my friends specifically asked me to write it up in a post for her… so I did.

  3. Lassard Mahoney says:

    By saying “I developed my my own mix of things” and titling it “My Recipe…” you do appear to be claiming to have invented it.

  4. Wendy P says:

    Its nothing new, but when I searched for a recipe there were plenty of ones with a rotting piece of fruit mixed with the soap, or a ½ cup of ACV, all I meant is that this is the recipe that I use, thus “my recipe.”

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