Favorite Wedding Gifts

The following is a list of my favorite wedding gifts. Some of them I registered for, some of them I didn’t. So if you’re trying to figure out what to put on your wedding registry, hopefully this will help.

Suggestions when creating your registry:

  • Register for some low priced items. I got many of these smaller gifts bundled with gift cards.
  • Make sure you have the typical gift brackets covered and an even amount of items in the three brackets : Less than $50, $50 -$100, $100+
  • Mostly place items on your list that you would never purchase yourself but you’ve always wanted.
  • Most people send you your gifts ahead of time, especially when they purchase them online. So we registered for items that we wanted/needed for the wedding, too. (We had our wedding in our backyard, so everything needed to be brought in or rented)

My favorite gifts:

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