Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

I’m a research junky, so I thought I knew exactly what I needed. In general, I was right (check out my Breastfeeding Essentials List, Newborn Essentials List and Favorite Items for Feeding Baby).  But luckily, some other savvy moms knew what I didn’t.

  • Boon Benders – Adaptable Utensils– I got the Spoons by Munchkin (which I love, too) but there is no doubt that my son loves these the best.  They’re soft so I don’t worry about turning around while he’s got one.
  • Robeez Soft Sole Crib Shoe – One of my friends gave these to me. She put on the card “Helps keeps baby’s socks on.” She was right. My son wears his Robeez every day so momma doesn’t have to hunt for his socks. Must add that I also really like ShooFoo and the Bobux shoes which I have since purchased myself.
  • Silikids Silipads – After receiving this gift, I knew it was an obvious winner. We have hardwood floors! Although its winter, we keep our house fairly warm (our heater doesn’t have a thermostat so its either freezing or warm). Needless to say, Its nice for my little man to roam around without pants on and still be able to protect those precious little knees.
  • Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover – As a first time mom, it was a little difficult figuring out how to nurse in public. So I loved this cover.  After awhile , I was able to do it with just a blanket… that is until my son was around 6 months old and he decided to start pulling the blanket off.  After a couple of embarrassing moments, I dug out my nursing cover. I can nurse in public again!
  • Eddie Bauer Shopping Cart Cover – I like this because it has the straps to tie it on to the shopping cart. It might seem like a pain, but I was able to put my little man in it well before he was able to sit up on his own.  I still like the ties even though he’s older and can sit on his own because sometimes there are bumps in the road.  In this cover, he’s always secure.
  • MyFancyCover Leopard Velour Cream Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover – There is no doubt, this shopping cart cover his really cool. Lots of compliments every time! Obviously, my little man doesn’t know how luxurious it is, but I do!  What is not to love about it?
  • Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling by Dr. Sears – Flower – While my son was a newborn, I much preferred the Moby Wrap. But now that he can sit up on his own, the sling is way easier (although if I’m going for a really long walk, I still use the wrap). I received 3 slings at our baby shower and have used them all at different ages. But this one is the most comfortable.
  • New Native Baby Carrier – Although I prefer the Moby Wrap or the Balboa Sling, my husband loves this sling. He’s been putting our son in it and taking our dog for the morning walk since our son was just a few days old.  He still uses it and our son is 8 months (he sits in the hip carry position, now).

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  1. I bought this tub after my dughater hit 4 months and grew just a bit too big for those infant tubs. We are stil using the net, which works very well. My only complaint on the net is the limited leg area for baby to stretch, but she doesn’t seem to mind. We have set her up in it a few times but she’s still wobbly so we have not been able to use the tub to it’s max. One pro of this tub is it has a non-slip circle at the end of one side so she can sit without slip. We find it very handy to put the tub on the counter with the drain over the sink. Then we use a spray sink attachment for salon/pet/infant use which works so very well!!

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