Essential Pregnancy Items

Although every woman and each pregnancy are different, the following is a list of the items that I found essential for my well-being (physical, mental, emotional or otherwise) during my pregnancy.

  1. Water – I know this might seem obvious but its super important. In the beginning, whenever I would feel a little crampy, if I drank water the cramps would go away. Towards the end, whenever I started getting too bloated (my wedding ring would get tight), if I drank water the swelling would go away. So drink up! TIP: Stop wearing lip gloss. If your lips are dry then you need to drink more water so always carry a water bottle with you.
  2. Pregnancy Pillow – I cannot say enough good things about my pillow. Although it is a space hog (we have a queen bed so it was a bit tight) the pillow literally saved my back. I was in a car accident a long time ago and over the years my spine got out of alignment (I do go to a chiropractor but it still is not 100% yet). Unfortunately, the way my spine is it puts pressure on my sciatic nerve – now double that pain because of pregnancy and we’re talking some serious inconvenience! I started using the pillow around month 3 and never looked back (no pun intended). Besides a few days when I really pushed myself too hard, I was always comfortable and never really had any problems getting to sleep.
  3. Peanut butter & banana shakes – If you experience sciatic nerve pain and/or leg cramping then have one of these a day. The magnesium in the peanut butter & the potassium in the banana helps release the muscles which can cause cramping and tightening around the sciatic nerve as well as other muscles (including those nasty charlie horses).
  4. Prenatal Omega Mom – After researching the different brands, I really liked the Omega Mom supplement. I continue to use it as I am breastfeeding. Even though my prenatal vitamins had DHA in it, they had 300 mg and most of the research coming out has findings that 500 mg is an ideal amount (but don’t go over 1,000 mg per day). If I had fish, then I’d skip the Omega Mom, but if I didn’t have any fish to eat that day, then I’d take one (one pill has 200 mg).
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – The two primary uses for ACV during pregnancy was 1) take a couple tablespoons of ORGANIC apple cider vinegar and 2) take a bath with ACV (doesn’t need to be organic) to alleviate any aches and pains.
  6. Crocs – The most comfortable shoes ever! Can’t say enough about them. And now they come in some really cute styles.
  7. Belly Bands – Helps extend your wardrobe. I hated having to give up wearing some of my favorite clothes. With these, I was able to wear them longer.
  8. Coconut Oil – Not only did I use this to ward off any stretch marks, but I use it as a daily moisturizer. Unlike other oils, it soaks right into the skin without feeling greasy. Its also great for cooking!
  9. Hypnobabies – This series has some great relaxation techniques. Whether or not you are choosing to go naturally you will most likely have to experience early labor without any drugs. Self-hypnosis always seems a little bit hokey to me, but the lady’s voice is so soothing and relaxing that I was really able to get into it. The techniques really helped me!
  10. Pregnancy tea – For centuries, teas have been recommended for any type of state your body is in. The few that I really like are: Traditional Medicinals – Pregnancy Tea, Yogi Mother to Be Tea and Earth Mama-Angel Baby Organic Morning Wellness Tea
  11. Books & DVD‘s – This is a given. The more informed you are, the more comfortable your birthing experience will be. Check out my list of recommendations for more information.

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