Emery Boards Only

For the past few days my son has been quite needy. That’s okay – I’m prepared to be the mother of a needy child. However, it does make trimming his nails quite difficult.

He was born with long finger nails. The doctor recommended to use an emery board instead of clippers.  So after a couple of days of only wearing mittens or sleeves turned over, I started filing his nails while I was breastfeeding him. This worked wonderfully in the beginning.

But as BF mothers know, after awhile the LO’s have a mind of their own and won’t let you do whatever you want while they are eating. These days, it is quite difficult to get to file each fingernail every day or even every other day.

Over the past week, my DH kept asking about clipping his nails. I took out the clippers yesterday but I was too chicken to do it. So this morning before my DH left for work, we decided we should try. Meaning: my DH took the clippers and started clipping away.

He got through the right hand wonderfully and passed the clippers over to me for the left hand. I couldn’t see what I was doing and handed them back over to him.  My DH couldn’t get a good angle from where he was so he tried another. So he took the pinky finger and made a clip. Silence! My son’s face turned bright red and he held his mouth wide open. The blood started gushing and then the scream came.

I rushed to get gauze and some hydrogen peroxide.  Applied pressure to slow the bleeding, cleaned the wound, then applied pressure some more.

It has been over 2 hours since that happened and my son’s finger is still bleeding!  Don’t get me wrong, it really is no big deal.  You and I would pass this off as a bit of an annoyance.  BUT… he doesn’t know that!

So my DS is nicely tucked into his wrap and is nodding off and on.  He is calmly letting me work at the computer.  Unfortunately, his fingernails are still too long and he will be mildly tortured with an emery board the next time he eats!

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