Easy Yellow Bird Toddler Craft

This was a super fun and easy craft to do.


  • Give your child a piece of colored tissue to rip up in to little pieces. You can also practice scissor skills at this time, too!
  • Meanwhile, cut out a bird like shape from a paper plate (or construction paper).  Ours will be sitting on a branch of the tree on the wall in his bedroom, so we needed something a little sturdier than construction paper.
  • Next, mix 2 parts glue to 1 part paint.  We used yellow, but you can make red, blue or any color birds you want!
  • Now let your toddler paint the glue mixture on to the bird cut out.  You might need to tape the back of the bird to the craft table so that it doesn’t move around too much.
  • Then let your toddler glue the pieces of ripped tissue paper on to the bird.
  • Meanwhile, you can cut out the beak, legs, a little white circle and an even smaller black circle for the eyes.
  • Once your toddler is done gluing pieces of tissue, let your toddler glue the eye, beak and feet.
  • Voila!  A cute little bird!

I love these tissue paper crafts.  My son loves squeezing the glue bottle and painting and ripping and cutting – so any craft that can combine all of these things is a winner in our house!

Little yellow bird

My son is so proud

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