Super easy crispy fried onions

I have a really easy way of doing crispy fried onions. My father in law (who is a chef) watched in horror as I made them. All you need is an onion, some oil & a stove. Well, technically you also need a knife, something to get the onions out of the hot oil and some paper towels. When they were done he said he had his doubts and was surprised at how good they come out.  Have your doubts? Give them a try.


  • onion, sliced
  • Frying oil


Slice up your onion with your knife. Put enough frying oil (we really like sunflower in this house) in a pan so that your onions will be submerged.  Turn the stove on. When the oil is hot put your onions in. They will go from white to translucent to golden yellow to burnt so keep a close eye on them. It only takes about 2 minutes.

When ALL of the onions are a nice golden color, take them out using something appropriate like a stainless steel scooper and scoop them out onto a plate with paper towels. After a couple of moments, the onions will start to get nice and crispy.


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