DS first tooth

My son has never been a good sleeper. Well, actually, he sleeps good, just not for long stretches at a time. We’ve only once gotten 7 hours and we consider ourselves lucky when we get 5 hours straight.

However, the past couple of days have been filled with fussy playing, fussy laughter and fussy sleep.

I knew he was teething because he has been pulling on his ear a lot over the last week and has been exceptionally more drooly.  Also, his hard toys would sometimes elicit a little yelp followed by fussy crying.  He’s been drooling and mouthing his hand like a mad man since he was 2 months old so I knew that the teeth were coming.

Last night when I checked his teeth, I told my husband that I could kind of feel a tooth but I thought it’d be a week or two before it’d actually appear. Imagine my surprise when I looked at his gums this morning and saw an indentation with a hard surface just below a thin layer of gummy tissue.

I immediately scooped him up in my arms and gave him a huge kiss and hug as the light bulb inside my brain went on.  I realized that I haven’t been such a bad mother cause I can’t get my child to sleep through the night.  It hasn’t been my imagination that he’s been much fussier over the last week and half then he had been before.  Hooray!

But I must say, I was shocked to discover the flood of random emotions that have come over me since that discovery this morning…

  • First, it was “Yeah, you’re growing up and becoming a little boy.”
  • Then came, “aww, you’re growing up, my little baby is starting to disappear before my eyes.  Pretty soon you’re going to be starting school and won’t need me anymore.”
  • “Woohoo, solid foods are going to be soo much fun.”
  • “Oh no, solid foods are going to be sooo much work!”
  • “Uh oh, I’m still breastfeeding, what does this mean to my breasts?”

So right now, I’m trying to wrap my mind around how this appearance of a little piece of bone in my beautiful son’s smile can have such a dramatic impact on our lives.  Last thought for now… “Yeah, I’m so grateful to be able to experience these wonderful little moments with such a wonderful little person!”

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