DS, DH and other Blog Acronyms

If you’re like me when I started reading blogs, I had no clue what all these abbreviations stand for. So to help you out, I’ve created a short list of the ones I use or read frequently:

AF Auntie Flow, period
BF Breastfed, breastfeeding
BIL Brother-in-law
BTW by the way
BW baby wearing
CD Cloth diaper(ing)
CIO Cry It Out
CNO Couples night out
DBF Dear/darling boyfriend
DC Dear/darling children
DD Dear/darling daughter
DF Dear/darling fiancee
DGF Dear/darling girlfriend
DH Dear/darling/D*mn husband
DN Date night
DP Dear/darling partner
DPO Days past ovulation
DS Dear/darling son
DW Dear/darling wife
EBF Exclusively breastfed
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FIL Father-in-law
FWIW For what its worth
FYI For your information
GNO Girl’s night out
IMHO In my honest/humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
JK Just kidding
JLMK Just let me know
KWIM Know what I mean
LO Little one
MIL Mother-in-law
MLM Moms like me
MNO Mom’s night out
NP No problem
OMG Oh my gosh, Oh my God
OT Off topic
Peeps people
SAHM Stay at home mom
SIL Sister-in-law
SO Significant Other
TNT Till next time
TTC Trying to Conceive
TTFN Ta-ta for now
TTYL Talk to ya later
TY Thank you
Vax vaccinations
WAHM Work at home mom
WT? What the?
WTF What the F*&k?~!
XBF Extended breastfeeding
YW You’re welcome

For a list of other chat acronyms check out:



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  1. Shayda says:

    Thanks so much for this. It’s so useful. I found exactly the same thing when I started looking at blogs. I felt like I had come across an entirely new language! I’m going to link to your page on my blog – hope that’s ok!

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