Disney Mothers

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, we were discussing how most of the mothers in Disney movies are either dead or locked up. Personally, I never really noticed this but that’s probably because my mom died when I was a teenager.

However, this conversation got me thinking about it and I looked through the list of Disney movies and I saw some very loving mothers…

The Incredibles” – Helen – A stay at home mom that is raising three kids in the best way she can. Even with supernatural abilities she struggles to provide a safe environment for her children to grow up in despite the constant moving around. Sounds like a military mom to me.

101 Dalmatians” – Perdita – She looked out for each and every one of her children and gave them all unconditional love. With a strong but loving hand she kept all of her kids in line (well, at least as best as anyone can with 99 children). She exemplifies that patience, love and understanding can go a long way.

Peter Pan” – Mrs. Darling – She delighted in listening to the fanciful stories her children would tell. She didn’t tell them they were silly or that she didn’t believe them. In fact, she encouraged them and showed them lots of love even with her husband being quite difficult. Although, I don’t think it hurt having a nanny even if the nanny was a dog.

The Lion King” – Sarabi – Even though she wasn’t in the movie a lot (after all it is about the lion king, not queen), Sarabi was there to look out for and protect Simba. She even went so far as to stand up to her crazy brother-in-law regardless of how the rest of the family would think of her. I wish more moms stood up for their children!

Tarzan” – Kala – So maybe she isn’t Tarzan’s birth mother, but ask any parent that has adopted a child and they will tell you that blood does not make a other. Kala protects, nourishes, guides and does all the things a good mother should.

The Aristocats” – Duchess – Not only is she super protective and loving but she’s a ton of fun! She takes her little ones out on an adventure through Paris. She let’s them play and explore all the while helping them stay safe and secure in her love.

Some other Disney Mothers (some are adopted):

Mulan” –  Mulan’s mother and grandmother

Lilo & Stitch” – Lilo’s mother

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” – Kanga, the mother of Roo

Lady & The Tramp II – Scamp’s Adventure” – Lady

Pete’s Dragon” – Nora adopts Pete

The Fox and the Hound” – Tweed adopts Tod

Cinderella” – The fairy godMOTHER- Ok, this is a stretch but I thought it’d be fun to mention it.

I must admit that on the surface it does appear that Disney has an issue with mothers.  But I think they do a wonderful job at letting those children that don’t have the typical home environment (mom, dad & siblings) feel connected to the great big world.  Whether a child is an orphan, foster child, was adopted, lives with just their mom or just their dad, Disney has a movie to five them hope. Although I do have a problem with the whole prince rescuing the princess thing, I do commend Disney for showing children that families come in all shapes and sizes.

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