Diagnosis from Specialist

If you are not aware of this, my youngest son Max has some major developmental delays. He’s not rolling over. He’s not sitting. And he’s definitely not crawling. He just started eating, like really eating not just spitting out anything you put in his mouth this week. His head shape is wonky and he can’t lift his head very well when he is on his tummy.

We’ve known something was wrong but he’s so responsive that it has been really hard to explicitly tell that he has major issues. That is until now. He’s well passed the range of normal for these milestones… and the eating thing is definitely concerning as he is quite skinny. Although, Milan (my oldest) was just as skinny so once again, not a huge red flag.

My husband’s uncle pulled a favor for us and got us in to see a doctor that is the Director, High Risk Infant Progress Clinic and Pediatric Rehabilitation at Cedar’s Sinai Hospital. Long story short, Max has been diagnosed with moderate to severe Global Developmental Delay.

He has something going on with his brain and it is more probable than not that it is Cerebral Palsy (the other options involve other diseases that are rare) considering Max’s Crazy Birth.

When my son looks at me and laughs or laughs at his big brother its hard to imagine that the moderate to severe diagnosis is true.

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