Desk Organization: Part 1 – Process to organize a drawer

I’m on a mission to get my entire desk area organized. The desk is in our living room and it was truly an eye sore. And now that my son’s due date is only a month away, I realize I REALLY, REALLY need to tackle my big projects before he gets here.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before photos because I only thought about doing the posts after I was already in the middle of the process. To begin the process I literally took everything out of, on top of and stashed under my desk and put it in bins. I semi-sorted them as I put the stuff in them (crafts, supplies, files, books & photos, miscellaneous). The only before photo I have is the dreaded cord drawer, but honestly, every drawer pretty much had the same chaos to it (if not more for some of the drawers):

Here is my photo of the crazy mess I made in the middle of our living room and this was after I already arranged all the crafts:

Now on to some of the fun stuff…

I actually finished one of the drawers. We have a small drawer on the right that we always use for batteries, cords of frequently used items and memory cards for the cameras.

During this process, I developed a pretty easy 5 step program to organize a drawer using items you have around the house:

  • Step 1: Remove everything from the drawer. Throw out anything that you know you won’t need (gum wrappers, crinkled up pieces of paper, etc) Think about what it is you really want the drawer to be used for, prioritize the items and either throw away or put the remaining items in another place. If you really aren’t sure if you want to throw away some stuff, put it in a box and label it. In 6 months, whatever you haven’t retrieved from the box get rid of!
  • Step 2: I had a couple of organizers in my jewelry making box that I didn’t really use, so I got those. And then the fun started. While creating my craft drawer I decided to use an empty cereal box. So I realized that boxes on their side would fit perfectly in the battery drawer.  So I rummaged through the pantry, found some boxes that I thought would work and found the perfect arrangement for my drawer.

  • Step 3:  Next you’ll need to cut the boxes. But before you start cutting, tape up the corners of the box. Then cut out one side of the box using an exacto knife or box cutter.


  • Step 4:  Now with your open boxes, arrange your items in the drawer. Figure out what dividers you want. Then use the leftover pieces from the boxes to create dividers. HINT: You’ll want to do the longest pieces first. It doesn’t necessarily have to look pretty, it just needs to be functional. Of course, if you have the time, covering the boxes with contact paper would really make the drawer look nice.

  • Step 5:  The fun part:  Put everything back into the drawer, step back and admire!

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