Coconut Oil for baby = happy mommy

Coconut oil has got to be one of my most favorite things… EVER! Besides all of the wonderful health benefits (like maintaining a healthy weight ie: you lose weight if you’re overweight, you gain weight if you’re under weight), coconut oil is really great for several things related to baby.

  • Diaper rash – I’ve used a gazillion different things for diaper rash and I can say with 100% certainty that coconut oil is my favorite. Milan was a really sensitive baby and would get rashes for just about any reason. Coconut oil was the best for keeping his diaper rash under control. We put some on after every bath and at most diaper changes. Although if you end up with a severe case of diaper rash on your hands, I HIGHLY recommend Bag Balm for severe diaper rash.
  • Nipple ointment – lansinoh and other lanolin based nipple creams work really well. However, Milan (my little sensitive baby) refused to nurse when I used it. He would fuss at the breast. Considering how hard nursing is to begin with adding another obstacle just wasn’t cool. Luckily, I had been using coconut oil as a moisturizer long before I had him, so I tried it. It worked wonderfully AND Milan never fussed at the breast. As an added bonus, it helps keep the yeast at baby that causes candida and thrush.
  • Moisturizer – As I just mentioned, I had been using it as a moisturizer for a long time. But while Milan was little I could not use anything that was smelly – absolutely no fragrances, no moisturizer with strong scents, even cooking onions around him was a no-no. Luckily coconut oil is a really great moisturizer so I was able to keep my skin moisturized without annoying my baby.
  • Cradle cap – Don’t know what it is? Well, its basically baby dandruff. Milan had it really bad until I started using coconut oil on it. It really helped.


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