Cloth Napkins

My dear friend and her two girls came over the other day. They came for lunch, then we went to the beach and then we had dinner. I have been using cloth napkins for quite a few years now and I had forgotten why I had even started using them.

While we were eating I thought back to when we started. I had gotten on a total green make-over. I got rid of all of my beauty products that had fragrance, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), parabens and petroleum based additives. I changed all of our lights to CFL (Compact florescent lighting) bulbs. And I bought a bunch of cloth napkins.

As always, I try to save money where I can. So I hit up the clearance items at Ross, TJ Maxx and any store that sold napkins. I remember not wanting to spend more than $1 per napkin. In fact, I got most of them for about $0.60 each.

Today, we’re still using those napkins. If I think about how much paper and money I have saved over the last 3 years, its actually quite a bit. I love it when you can be green without spending a lot of green.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Awww, Happy Anniversary! We have a Sept. anniv. as well! It’s so good to hear that you still enjoy being around each other after 10 years! (That’s kinda rare these days ya know!) Love the date night idea!

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