Cloth-Eez Prefolds

There is a reason why these are the #1 rated prefolds on – they are the best! Not only are they extremely absorbent, but they fit wonderfully. After trying about 5 different types of prefolds, I will never buy another kind.

The cotton is super soft and they quilt up so nicely. I love using them with Snappis when it is really hot (I put my LO down on a waterproof pad). Also, the peeps at Green Mountain are awesome. You can tell they really care about their products and their customers (no, I don’t work for them – they just really are great).

Size Newborn:

The Newborn size fits perfectly in the Bummis newborn covers (Super Brite, Whisper Wrap and Original). They are a little small for the Thirsties (X-Small) and for the second snap sizing of the Thirsties Duo Wrap (Size 1) but definitely still do the job. Sine the Thirsties Duo covers are adjustable, you’ll get the right fit with them. Don’t bother using them with the Litewrap – that cover is really designed to be used with standard prefolds folded in the front.

Size Small:

I haven’t tried them with the small size of any other cover except Thirsties (I’m a Thirsties cover lover!) but you can fold them down with the X-Small or second snap of the Duo (Size 1) and they are easily tucked in to the Small and the no snap size of the Duo (Size 1).


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