Cloth Diapering a Newborn

I thought after reading review after review, I thought I had it all figured out. I was sort of right. I just didn’t plan on giving birth to a poop machine. Our DS pooped at least 8 times a day, sometimes as much as 12. I knew I would change about 12 diapers a day, I just didn’t expect to change 16 or more.

So here’s my recommendation for newborns (average birth weight):

My Explanation:

We started out using disposables and then switched to cloth about 3 days after we were home. Not sure if you know this, but breastfed poo truly is explosive (it really resembles warm pickle relish getting squeezed out or egg drop soup). While we were in the hospital we had at least 3 blowouts that I can remember and I lost track of how many we had once we got home. After the 3rd day and trying nearly every brand of disposable diapers (we were given a bunch as gifts), I decided to try out the cloth.

What a difference! First, our DS didn’t scream bloody murder when I changed him. Secondly, they look so darn cute! I was pleasantly surprised at how well my DH took to the cloth diapers. I think its because we haven’t had any blowouts (with the exception of 2 user errors) and although he isn’t crazy about changing a poopy diaper, he disliked having to change a diaper and clothing more.

At the beginning, it takes a little practice getting the hang of everything. So, if you haven’t ever used cloth diapers, then invest in 2 packs of the prefolds. If for some reason you really don’t like using prefolds or decide not to CD after awhile, the newborn prefolds make great doublers or if nothing else, they really do make excellent burp cloths.

Since the BF poo is quite runny and if you have a poop machine, you’ll find you’ll need at least 6 covers to rotate – maybe more if you can’t quite get the hang of how to fold the prefolds so the poop doesn’t get on the cover. The Thirsties Duo covers will fit a pretty tiny newborn (6 lbs) all the way till about 9 months (18 lbs). They are the most economical and are by far one of the best diaper covers out there (if not the best). The Duo goes smaller than the XS cover and is easier when working with a squirmy newborn.

The fitted diapers are the best for containment. Really, there is no better solution than a fitted with a good cover. I liked the Kissaluvs fitted with snaps but my DH just wouldn’t use them. However, he would use the other fitteds because they have velcro. He didn’t like the extra step, but he did like the containment factor. So I suggest you get 2 of each. When your LO arrives, you can figure out which ones you like better and then can order more.

We use the prefolds during the day and the fitteds at night or whenever we wanted to give our LO some almost air time. I highly recommend doing the sidewall/jelly roll with the prefold and a snappi. It makes a world of difference! We rarely get poop on the cover when we do it like this and even my DH does it like this now.

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