Cloth Diapering a crawler

Now that I’ve been cloth diapering for over a year, I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit. I made quite a few mistakes along the way and fixed some problems, too. Knowing what I know now, I know exactly what I’d buy once the baby started solid foods :

Here’s my explanation:

As soon as babies figure out that they can move, they like to move off of the changing table as quickly as possible. I know there are a few exceptions. In fact, Milan is actually not very bad when it comes to getting his diaper changed. Although for at least 1 diaper change a day, he is wiggling as hard as possible to get away. At these times, it is not very easy to put on a diaper of any kind, especially a wrap and a prefold with a diaper liner.

In order to make diaper changing as quick as possible, I put diaper liners in his Thirsties Duo Diapers (that is the majority of our stash, but I REALLY like the Bummis Pocket Diaper – it just wasn’t available at the time when we bought our stash). I stack them up open and all facing in the same direction.

I also really like the Thirsties Duo or Bummis pocket diapers because you don’t have to worry about pulling out any inserts. I didn’t mind the BumGenius diapers when Milan was only on breast milk. But let me tell you, when the solid food starts and especially when milk is introduced, it is no fun pulling out an insert from a thoroughly messy diaper. And as much as I didn’t like it, my husband hated it more! I don’t mind stuffing the Thirsties after the wash is done and dry… it only takes a moment for each diaper (snap, snap, stuff).

I can’t imagine using cloth diapers without diaper liners. Even though the poo does slide off quite easily from the pockets, it is just soooo much easier with the liner. Also, for the times when Milan gets diaper rash, I can use coconut oil (it worked the best out of the many things I tried) and just toss the liner without worrying about my pockets repelling.

The hemp inserts are indispensable for when it comes to a night time cloth diapering solution. I like the Joey-Bunz because they absorb like crazy and dry pretty quickly.

I keep a couple of covers on hand.  I use my Cloth-eez prefolds, my handmade diapers or the flats that I have on hand when I either didn’t get a chance to wash diapers or when its raining. I line dry my diapers (as well as my clothes) so sometimes they just don’t dry in time before I run out.

As for the fitteds, I like to put Milan in a fitted without a diaper cover every day or every other day. Whenever I haven’t done it in awhile, I find he gets diaper rash. And besides, babies just look so darn cute in them!

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