Clean out your pantry and create lots of fun toddler time

I don’t know about you, but about every couple of months I realize there are a bunch of uneaten and definitely stale packages of food in my pantry – primarily snacks and cereal (why is that no one really wants to finish the box of cereal but me). So now whenever I clean out my pantry I use the goods to create lots of fun toddler time. Several months back I discovered the joys of creating a construction zone with such leftovers. (Just realized I forgot to post about it)

We use a Sterilite bin but you could easily use a cardboard box, too. Just dump out the contents of the uneaten snacks into the container. We start out by dumping them into separate piles and then of course everything gets jumbled together as my son plays.

Have a girl that doesn’t like cars and trucks? Cups, empty food containers, etc. are just as fun!

Added bonus: your child(ren) will be occupied for quite awhile and you can finish organizing your pantry… after you take pictures of course!

Another added bonus: dump all of the food into two different ziploc or equivalent bags. Label one for crafts and put the other one in your car for food for ducks.

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