My son loves breakfast shakes, especially the almond butter, peanut butter and blueberry-banana shakes that I make. I find that breakfast shakes are a good way to make sure that he gets some of his much needed nutrition. Every morning he’s so happy he holds his cup up really high, smiles and then takes a big swig.

So one morning, I took my own shake glass and “cheers’d” him. He squealed with delight. Now when I hand him his shake, he of course takes a big swig and waits for me to sit down. As soon as I’m seated he thrusts his little cup out and we “cheers.” He always follows the cheers with a big swig of yumminess.

Lately, I’ve been trying to wake up in time to make our shakes before my husband leaves for work. Today, I got the shake done in time, so before heading out the door, my hubby sat down, raised his coffee cup and the three of us “cheers’d” with delight. I love these moments with my boys!

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