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Welcome to Holland

During Max’s therapy session on Monday, the therapist stopped and asked me how I was doing with everything. I told her that I was doing surprisingly quite well. I seem to have settled into the acceptance of everything. She also

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Physical Therapy Eval today

Max had his physical therapy evaluation today. It went well. It was basically a meeting to get the therapist up to speed with where Max was at.  One of my favorite questions she asked was what do you think Max

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Its official – Max has Cerebral Palsy

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that we recently found out that our son, Max, has global developmental delays. Today, we went and saw a Neurologist. She confirmed everything that we thought, Max does indeed have Cerebral

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Max failed his hearing test again

Never thought I’d be so happy to find out that my son can’t hear. Why you might ask? Well, this means that there is a possibility that the reason he isn’t babbling correctly is because he can’t hear! Turns out,

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Denial, disbelief and then acceptance

When the doctor gave the diagnosis about Max (9 months old) having moderate to sever global developmental delays, I honestly didn’t believe him. I was thinking, he just doesn’t know my son. He’s got to be wrong. You see, he

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