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My Lovey Boob

Remember Linus’ blanket that he carried around every where with him? Well, that was his lovey. Want to know what Milan’s lovey is? My boobs! I have tried to introduce a normal lovey to him since he was 3 months

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Another blissful night

Last night was the second night in a row that my son slept through the night! After a year of not getting hardly any sleep, it feels amazing! He went to bed at 7:30 pm and didn’t wake up until

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Night Weaning Success

As much as I have not enjoyed being sleep deprived, I must admit I have secretly enjoyed the majority of night wakings with my son. I love having him curled up next to me as he’s nursing. He’s growing up

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Not sleeping through the night

I love my son. He really is such a good, good baby. He rarely cries or fusses when we’re out and about. He’s very inquisitive, seems to have a knack for music (just like his father) and has the most

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Our son is finally in his own room

Its official – Our lovely son is finally in his own room. Munchkin turned 1 year a couple of weeks ago so I finally felt he was ready for his own room (I think mommy just wasn’t ready to give

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Sleeping Update

My son goes to sleep with relative ease these days. He only cries for about 5 minutes when we put him down. We have even had many days without a peep. We definitely have our night time routine down and

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Sleep Training – Day 3

Not sure if it was a blip in the matrix, but my wonderful son went to sleep without any tears. Mind you, he was really tired and was basically asleep in my arms while I held him for a few

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Night Wakings – Day 2

Around midnight, DS sat up straight because my husband and I woke him up (although he wasn’t really awake), replaced paci and put him down. Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but he’s still in our room. He

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Sleep Training – Day 2

After last night’s relative success, I was eager to see how tonight would go. I was pleasantly surprised at the relative ease at which my son fell asleep. He was SUPER tired tonight which usually means a long battle (he

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Sleep Training – Day 1

Today we went to the Noah’s Ark Exhibit and we had a blast. BUT both of us were over stimulated. So this evening when it was time to go to sleep and my sweet little son decided to bite me

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