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Baby Feeding Bags

I’m not really a paranoid mom, but I do want to keep my baby safe from choking. So I love all of the mesh feeder bags out there. After trying nearly all of them, I thought I’d share my opinion.

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Bummed we have no doorways

My son and I spent the day with my good friend the other day. She had just gotten a Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper for her daughter. When we got there, the daughter was asleep so my 7 month old son played

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Go Gaga Diaper Bags

While at the park, I ran into this mom with the coolest diaper bag I have seen. It was the Go Gaga Diaper bag in copper.  Ok, to be honest, they weren’t created just for diaper bags, but they sure

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Bumkins AIO Diaper – Small

The Bumkins Diaper Bundle 3-Pack (Small, Boy) was the very first set of diapers that I bought.  I remember looking at them and thinking how small they were.  But then my DS was born and they were HUGE! The manufacturer

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Chicco 360 Rotating High Chair

I’m so excited about our new high chair. We live in a small multi-level in the heart of the city so space is ALWAYS an issue. To make room for more of the toys, we got rid of our table

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Happiest Baby on the Block

Harvey Karp knows what he is talking about. Now that I’ve had my baby, I am soo grateful that I learned his methods of calming and soothing my baby, or any baby for that matter. But be aware that this

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Dunstan Baby DVD

I used to babysit when I was in high school so I have a fair amount of experience with babies just not newborns. So when I sat at home those first couple of weeks wondering what on earth this little

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Recommended DVD’s

Between the books and the myriad of weekly newsletters from websites that I read , I still have this crazy thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, my husband is not as avid a reader as I am. But I still wanted him

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Cloth-Eez Prefolds

There is a reason why these are the #1 rated prefolds on – they are the best! Not only are they extremely absorbent, but they fit wonderfully. After trying about 5 different types of prefolds, I will never buy

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