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Amazon’s price for Frontline Plus just can’t be beat

I’m always amazed at how much lower Amazon’s prices usually are. And when it comes to Frontline Plus for dogs, its really cheaper!

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The Details of my miscarriages

WARNING: This post is quite graphic and is probably too much information for many. While going through the beginning stages of my miscarriages, I found myself constantly searching the internet. What I found the most comforting was reading about the

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It appears a miscarriage is imminent

The cramping and bleeding has not subsided and in fact it has gotten worse.  I am sad that there will not be a baby in September, but I am relieved to know what is going on… not knowing is worse

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Scary pregnancy

WARNING: This post is quite graphic and is probably too much information for many. I haven’t been writing on my blog very much lately. I’d like to say that it was because I have been so busy doing wonderful things,

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This Week in MOM: Resolution Revelations! on Shine

I was recently interviewed when I was out and about in Los Angeles and having lunch at the Farmer’s Market.  Milan was super fidgety when they were filming, you can see him trying to get away!  🙂 This Week in

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Using filtered water on my face – Day 1

After reading about how the chlorine content of our tap water could be causing my face to break out, I quickly ordered the Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter from Amazon. After reading several suggestions on other websites, I

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Chlorine in water could be the answer

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been struggling with acne since we moved to our new place. I’ve been jokingly saying it must be something in the water. However, after doing some research, it appears that it just

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So annoyed

I recently wrote about how my face has decided to erupt in massive acne. It started when we moved to our new place. Of course, at first I thought it was just the stress of moving. But the acne persisted.

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Some of my favorite things

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Motherless Daughter

Many years ago, I was very fortunate to have worked for a very loving boss who encouraged and guided me. One of the best things she ever did for me, among many, was she gave me the book Motherless Daughters:

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