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Mother’s Day is bittersweet

Before you have kids, everyone that has kids tells you how amazing it is to have kids. Of course, there is no way one can understand how incredibly true this is. I love my kids so much sometimes it scares

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Deva Dalporto, the author behind, has come up with another very funny parody. I rather enjoyed her What Does the Kid Say (What does the Fox say parody), but this frozen cover is by far my favorite! Enjoy! Let

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Super easy crispy fried onions

I have a really easy way of doing crispy fried onions. My father in law (who is a chef) watched in horror as I made them. All you need is an onion, some oil & a stove. Well, technically you

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Girl birth announcements still make me a little sad

Back when we found out we were having another boy, I wrote about how I was feeling. 98% of the time I am totally happy that I have two boys. Seriously, there are so many amazing things about being the

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Update for March 2013

Well the last few months have been a little crazy trying to get adjusted to running around so much. Now that we’re getting in to more of a routine its starting to get easier. If I don’t work we only

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Max has ear tubes now

After a series of tests, Max had quite a lot of fluid build up in his ears. So he went through the fairly painless procedure of getting ear tubes. I was amazed at how quick the procedure actually is. The

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Happy 1 Year Little Max

A year ago today was one of the worst and best days of my life. We came so close to losing Max during his crazy birth. I’ll never forget the moment when the doctor put Max on my belly and

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Welcome to Holland

During Max’s therapy session on Monday, the therapist stopped and asked me how I was doing with everything. I told her that I was doing surprisingly quite well. I seem to have settled into the acceptance of everything. She also

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We started with DNS for Max

When we learned that Max probably had Cerebral Palsy (CP) I made it my mission to learn about as many different techniques, therapies and treatment plans as I could. I knew there were a lot of programs and amazing results for

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Its official – Max has Cerebral Palsy

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that we recently found out that our son, Max, has global developmental delays. Today, we went and saw a Neurologist. She confirmed everything that we thought, Max does indeed have Cerebral

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