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Meetup has changed my life

Before my husband and I got married, we started scaling down our life so that when I got pregnant I could be a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom. So far, I have been loving it with the exception that I get bored and

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Loving new baby nail clippers

After the nail clipping debaucle almost 4 months ago, I have still been very hesitant about clipping our son’s nails. He has such a loud scream that the thought of going through that again almost brought me to tears. However,

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Milestones: 2 months

Yesterday’s Post-Partum class topic was on milestones (I remembered when I saw an email talking about milestones).  Since my DS is not quite 3 months, I’ll be discussing the 2 month developmental milestones today. Smiles – This is the big

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Crying, crying and then more crying

I receive a bunch of emails talking about where my baby is this week (see references below). Today, the first one I decided to read today was from the Yale-New Haven hospital newsletter.  It said… Babies can cry a lot,

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Emery Boards Only

For the past few days my son has been quite needy. That’s okay – I’m prepared to be the mother of a needy child. However, it does make trimming his nails quite difficult. He was born with long finger nails.

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Pacifier: Update

First off, we use the pacifier for more than naps and bed time. Our DS has such a fierce need to suck it just didn’t make sense to have him be so unhappy when the pacifier really does calm him down.

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What do I do with my 7 week old?

Since I got pregnant, just about everyone told me how hard the first 6 weeks were going to be. They were right. I ran on virtually no sleep, admonished myself to being a human pacifier and accepted the fact that

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Pacifier: To use or not to use?

The thought of my child still sucking on a pacifier at 4 years old was enough for me to never want to use one. That is until my DS just wouldn’t settle down one night to go to sleep. So

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