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Gummy bear aka Gummibar

My son definitely loves his music and loves to dance. So when I came across the gummy bear songs he has been in heaven. He asks to watch them frequently and as cheesy as they are, they really don’t bother

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Definitely a boy and boy am I happy!

While at a play date recently, another mom told me that her good friend was told that she was having a boy at the nuchal ultrasound and it turned out she was having a girl. My heart skipped a beat!

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90% Certain we’re having another boy

Went to the nuchal screening ultrasound and the Dr. told us the baby seems to be really healthy… Yeah! I am truly happy for that because I cannot imagine what we would do if that weren’t the case.  Then he

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Letting your toddler watch TV

Sitting in front of the “boob tube” (as my grandpa used to call it) has been a much talked about conversation in our household. I grew up with the TV on almost all the time, my husband did not. I

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Staying At Home – Pro’s and Con’s – Planning Family

Staying At Home – Pro’s and Con’s – Planning Family. I was reading the article (see link above) and was reminded of a conversation I was recently having with one of my fellow moms and I were talking about. She

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Potty training your infant

While at a play date at a park with my mommy group, Milan signaled to me that he wanted to go home so he could use the potty. I mentioned this to the other mothers and one of them looked

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My Lovey Boob

Remember Linus’ blanket that he carried around every where with him? Well, that was his lovey. Want to know what Milan’s lovey is? My boobs! I have tried to introduce a normal lovey to him since he was 3 months

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Outside Play for my toddler

I hurt my foot the other day – don’t know how, just know that it hurts – so I haven’t wanted to take my dog and son on long walks. Instead, I have been going outside of our apartment and

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Milan is Cruising

Before Milan was crawling, I was very happy that he hadn’t figured out how to motor himself around without assistance. It made for an easier move and an easier transition into our new place. Milan has totally mastered the crawling.

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I remember how happy I was the day that I saw the first little tooth start coming through his gums. It wasn’t long before I wondered about how many times my breasts would feel his teeth. Unfortunately, I lost track

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