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Loving my droid

I can’t believe how useful my did is. And now that I have this new app I can write posts on the run. Hopefully this means that I’ll be posting more frequently.

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Been busy the last couple of days

I really do try to write on my blog every day except Sunday (my husband and I have a deal that neither of us do any work other than stuff for the household). But its been busy the last few

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Moms Fashion File Twitter Party | Mom’s Fashion File

Moms Fashion File Twitter Party | Mom’s Fashion File. Now that I’m a mom, I’m constantly in need of some fashion advice. I find I’m always falling into the same fashion rut: comfortable mom clothes. I’m excited to see how

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I’m tired

Last week, I got a Motorola DROID X and I am completely addicted to it. I have spent much more time on there than I should. Today, I’m not really going to blog about anything because I want to go

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Baby on your back – part 2

After I made the first video about wearing your baby on your back, I took Milan out of the wrap. I realized that it is just as important to learn how to take your baby out of wrap. So here’s

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Baby on your back – part 1

One of my friends had some questions about how I wear Milan on my back, so I thought I’d do a video to show you. The wrap that I use in the video is just a 5 yard long, 30

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Frozen chopped celery looks bad but it isn’t

Recently in my article about prepping your vegetables ahead of time, I mentioned that we have chopped frozen celery on hand. I think its important that I emphasize that most vegetables and fruits are not the same after being frozen.

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Prep your vegetables ahead of time

While talking with a group of mommies today, I was shocked to learn that they didn’t know that they could prep their vegetables ahead of time. So of course, I thought I’d share this on the blogosphere for all the

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Friend or Foe by Melanie Green

Friend or foe? One of my dear friends recently went through a devastating ordeal – she lost not just one best friend but several! Read about it by clicking the link above.

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Facebook Fan Page

Lately, most of the web design work I’ve gotten has been to add a blog to an existing website. That means no real design work needs to be done. Having a baby has greatly changed my ability to whip out

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