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Before heading off on our vacation I was in search of a way to bring gripe water easily on the trip without it spoiling. And then I came across Cocyntal by Boiron. What is Cocyntal you might ask? It is

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DHA and Fish oil for toddlers

Isn’t it amazing that most modern diseases can be traced to deficiencies in Vitamin D and Omega 3’s? And the most amazing part is that it can be easily corrected with a well balanced diet and some sun. So simple.

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Autism, Vaccines & Pitocin

I took a parenting & birthing class while I was pregnant.  I had done some research on Autism, Vaccines and Pitocin so I typed it up for my classmates.  Because this was a hand out I didn’t include the references,

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Do you really need to wash your hands before handling a baby?

it really is important for people to wash their hands before they touch a baby under 1 year of age. Newborns and small infants have underdeveloped immune systems.

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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

There is much debate on how organic apple cider vinegar works. Organic ACV is comprised of over 50 amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. But the most important aspect of organic ACV is the pH.

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Fish Oil, Omega-3, DHA: Hype or good for us?

Over the years there has always been so much hype over each new health “discovery.” I remember in college when the low to no sugar diet was supposed to help you lose weight, lower your risk of diabetes and help

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