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The BEST diaper rash ointment

My poor baby has had some seriously bad luck when it comes to getting stomach viruses. Needless to say having a good diaper rash cream has been essential in this household. I’ve tried them all – Boudreaux’s, Desitin, Aveeno, etc.

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Tiny Birds Organics is having a moving SALE!

Tiny Birds is having a moving sale.  Everything is 60% off with FREE shipping, too!  Now’s the chance to get some of those items you’ve been putting off just because you’ve been waiting for a great sale. If you’ve

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Cloth Diapering a crawler

Now that I’ve been cloth diapering for over a year, I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit. I made quite a few mistakes along the way and fixed some problems, too. Knowing what I know now, I know exactly

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Diaper wipes

If you’re cloth diapering, did you know that you can save even more money by making your own wipes? Having a sewing machine helps, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Get some flannel (Jo-Ann’s has sales on cute flannel prints quite

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Why I love my HE washing machine

I have never really like doing laundry (hence the piles of dirty clothes that many of my friends remember me for). I was reminded about how much I HATE doing laundry in a laundry mat after we moved into our

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Diaper liners

Recently, one of my cloth diapering momma friends was considering giving up cd’ing because of the poop. Don’t blame her. Who likes to deal with poo? I asked her what kind of diaper liner she was using and she tilted

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My favorite night time cloth diaper solution

My DS is a very, very heavy wetter. He wakes up frequently in the night (a whole other issue) and therefore urinates frequently. He’s not fully alert so if I change him, he totally wakes up and has a hard

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Bumkins AIO Diaper – Small

The Bumkins Diaper Bundle 3-Pack (Small, Boy) was the very first set of diapers that I bought.  I remember looking at them and thinking how small they were.  But then my DS was born and they were HUGE! The manufacturer

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Went back to just water on my wipes

After trying the aloe vera juice & tea tree oil, I decided to go back to just water (and the occasional tree tea oil when I think about it) in the wipes warmer.  So laziness /lack of time plus a

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Homemade Wipes Warning

I’ve been using my own wipes since DS was born and have had no problems … that is until recently. We mostly have used just water in a wipes warmer. We only put about 6 flannel wipes in there at

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