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Let’s Cure Cerebral Palsy March 2014

CP Family Network is partnering with to find a cure for cerebral palsy. We both firmly believe that CP families are our children’s first and best advocates. Between now and March 25, you can make a donation to help

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Being a parent of a special needs child brings unexpected joy

Being a parent of a special needs child is a journey that I had no intention of ever going on. It is exhausting, heart wrenching, full of disappointments, etc. But the one thing I didn’t expect is how much joy

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Update for March 2013

Well the last few months have been a little crazy trying to get adjusted to running around so much. Now that we’re getting in to more of a routine its starting to get easier. If I don’t work we only

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We started with DNS for Max

When we learned that Max probably had Cerebral Palsy (CP) I made it my mission to learn about as many different techniques, therapies and treatment plans as I could. I knew there were a lot of programs and amazing results for

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Physical Therapy Eval today

Max had his physical therapy evaluation today. It went well. It was basically a meeting to get the therapist up to speed with where Max was at.  One of my favorite questions she asked was what do you think Max

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Its official – Max has Cerebral Palsy

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that we recently found out that our son, Max, has global developmental delays. Today, we went and saw a Neurologist. She confirmed everything that we thought, Max does indeed have Cerebral

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