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Parchment paper or aluminum foil for the environment

I’ve been doing a lot of baking recently so I busted out the big roll of parchment paper that we’ve had sitting in our cabinet. We ran out of aluminum foil and I wondered if I could use parchment paper

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Homemade deodorant

This recipe for homemade deodorant is actually a very easy and surprisingly very effective. Both my husband and I use it and as you may or may not know, my husband works for a construction company and let’s face it, men

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Fruit Flies

Every so often, we’ll bring home some fruit or veggies along with some fruit flies. Those little things are hard to get rid of, especially if you have house plants (they like to bury their eggs in the moist top

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Prep your vegetables ahead of time

While talking with a group of mommies today, I was shocked to learn that they didn’t know that they could prep their vegetables ahead of time. So of course, I thought I’d share this on the blogosphere for all the

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Recycling Plastic

I hope you’re familiar with the recycling symbol that you find on pretty much all plastics these days. Numbers 1-7 are recyclable, which is good news. The bad news is that the plastic needs to be clean! Yes, clean. No,

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My Mom Recycles talks about Recycling

Since recycle is in the name of this blob, I thought it was time that I posted something about recycling. Recently, I was in a discussion with a couple of my neighbors about what can and can’t be recycled. The

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Stop using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

While I was pregnant, I learned that the “tear free” ingredient in most baby shampoos and in particular, Johnson & Johnson, was a numbing agent. Basically, the baby doesn’t feel that his or her eyes are being burned by the

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Paper Plates

After my post yesterday, one of my friends made a comment to me that the Duggar’s use paper plates. WOW! If you don’t know who the Duggar’s are they are the family that is the focus of the TV show

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Cloth Napkins

My dear friend and her two girls came over the other day. They came for lunch, then we went to the beach and then we had dinner. I have been using cloth napkins for quite a few years now and

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