Bumkins AIO Diaper – Small

The Bumkins Diaper Bundle 3-Pack (Small, Boy) was the very first set of diapers that I bought.  I remember looking at them and thinking how small they were.  But then my DS was born and they were HUGE!

The manufacturer says they fit from 6 to 12 pounds.  Not in my son’s case.  I tried them around 8 pounds – leaks, leaks and more leaks.  Tried them around 10 pounds – leaked every other time.  But around 11 pounds they fit him perfectly and they still fit him today and he’s 16 pounds.

Several of the comments from other mothers found that the high rise was not desirable, but in my case it was what makes them perfect for my little one.  Mind you, I’ve got a skinny little banana boy (over 50th percentile for height, 15th percentile for weight).  Now these are my favorite AIO’s.  We never have a leak and you wouldn’t think they’d absorb very much but they are truly workhorses.  Haven’t had any problems containing runny breastfed poo (that is since he started fitting in them).

The only downside to them… they cost quite a bit more than some of the other AIO’s.  Also, if you have a chunky baby, I’m not sure how they’ll fit.  But if you watch on Amazon, they go on sale quite frequently.


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