Breastfeeding Essentials List

Continuing on with my essentials lists, here are breastfeeding essentials.  **Pregnant Moms:  don’t forget to add these items to your baby registry!**

  1. My Brest Friend Pillow – I still can’t figure out why the Boppy is still so popular because the Brest Friend pillow is amazing!  Once you use it you’ll never want to go back to a Boppy again.  The back support is what sold me on it, but its the overall design that has me jumping for joy.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry with this purchase.
  2. Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump – I have both a hand pump and a double electric pump.  Why you might ask?  There are times when the manual really is the best option.  In the early days while I was figuring everything out, I had to pump.  I found it easiest to pump the other breast while my LO was breastfeeding.  The hand pump is really easy to put on and off as you have to readjust your baby.  Second, there are times when my DS gets soooo hungry that he gets frustrated that the milk isn’t already coming out.  This happens towards the end of the day when milk supply is lower, so I just quickly put the hand pump on and get it going for him.  He’s a much happier camper.  Also, its really easy to travel with.  Lastly, and probably most importantly, my DS does not like it when I use the electric pump when he’s breastfeeding, so if I want to cut down on the time, I have to use the manual.
  3. Double electric pump – There is no doubt that the double electric is the quickest and most effective way to pump both breasts.  Medela really makes the best.  If you can’t afford a hospital grade rental or you just want the convenience of being able to transport your pump easily, I highly suggest the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Backpack or the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump.
  4. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags – tried a bunch that my friends had given me and the Lansinoh win hands down.  Extra strong and easy to use.
  5. Breastflow BPA Free bottles – After trying the Avent, Nuby, Dr. Brown’s and Playtex, my LO was finally able to transition easily back and forth from breast to bottle with the Breastflow bottles.  Not every baby has problems, but if yours does, the Breastflow really are the closest thing to the real thing.  Why find out the hard way?  Just start out with bottles that work.
  6. Water – Water, water, water!  Make sure you keep water with you when you breastfeed.  The more hydrated you are, the better milk supply you will have.  For on the go, I love the CamelBak BPA-Free Better Bottle with Bite Valve.
  7. Comfortable nursing bra – The first few weeks of breastfeeding cause very sore nipples.  Get some bras made from really soft microfiber – trust me they’re worth having around. My favorite (and I have 6 different types): Gilligan & O'Malley® Nursing Sleep Bra - True White
  8. Moby Wrap – not only is this a lifesaver for calming a crying baby, but you can actually use it to breastfeed when you’re out and about.  Truly one of the best baby items ever.
  9. Hooter Hider Nursing Cover – An ingenious item that is worth getting especially for when you’re first starting out.  Trying to keep yourself and the baby covered when you really don’t have the hang of breastfeeding is very challenging.  Not to mention if its windy at all you can forget keeping a blanket on you.  One of my favorite features:  the built in wash cloth for wiping up drips and dribbles.
  10. Footrest – If you have a glider with an ottoman then you won’t need this, but if you don’t seriously consider getting one.  It is so much easier and more comfortable nursing with your knees up a bit.
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  1. I’ve provided a complete list on your post! Very impressive. I won’t forget what is on your list.

    Thanks for sharing.

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