I remember how happy I was the day that I saw the first little tooth start coming through his gums. It wasn’t long before I wondered about how many times my breasts would feel his teeth. Unfortunately, I lost track of how many times my son has bit me. Fortunately, he normally does not bite me hard.

The biting has been going on for several months. I have learned quite a few things as I have continued to breastfeed him. So I thought I’d share some tidbits of advice:

  • If a baby is really hungry, they will not bite. Instead they will eat. Therefore, do not put the baby to the breast if you just think he or she might be hungry. Wait until you know that’s the reason.
  • Once my DS had enough breast milk, that’s when he’d bite me. I closely pay attention to when his sucking slows down. If he pulls away from my breast twice, I pack it up. He’s eating “real” food so skipping the little bit of milk that I don’t let him get at the end is not really a big deal. It does however save my breasts. Our breastfeeding has fallen into a good routine since I became very aware of when he really needs it versus when I would just “see” if he wanted it.
  • I take him off my breast whenever he bites me.
  • I tried also firmly saying “no.” That didn’t work because he just finds it hysterically funny any time I say no so he’d just bite me again so he could laugh.
  • The only thing that really has worked was taking him off my breast, telling him not to bite mommy and then put him in his crib. He of course would cry. I don’t leave him there for a long time.  I just leave the room count to about 10 or so then go back in and get him. Since I started doing that (about 3 weeks ago), he’s only bit me twice. The last time was this weekend but that was my fault as I knew he wasn’t really hungry but I kept him at the breast anyways.

So now I feel like we’re in a good place with the biting – meaning there isn’t any biting.  Hope this helps someone.

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