Best gifts for 3 year old toddler (boy or girl) and all under $25

With Christmas around the corner and what seems to be an endless line up of birthday parties I thought it was appropriate to write up a list of some of the best gifts for toddlers and the best part… they’re all under $25 and most are under $10!

  • eeBoo Tell Me a Story – These cards are by far my favorite of favorites. Each set comes with 36 flash cards with really interesting pictures. The idea is to make up a story based off the pictures. We received the Circus Animal’s Adventure set as a gift and we’re slowly adding in all the other sets including the Fairy Tale Mix up, Mystery in the ForestLittle Robot’s Mission and Animal Village (not sure why but Animal Village is more expensive then the others). To be honest, I’m not crazy about the circus so I wasn’t overly excited to start “reading” these stories but the pictures are so much fun. And its been great to see how my son’s storytelling skills have expanded. Can’t recommend these enough.
  • Sandwich cutters – Sometimes it is like pulling teeth when trying to get my son to eat his food. Luckily, sandwich cutters make eating fun. There are tons of them out there and some are better than others. We just use regular cookie cutters. I found a 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set that usually goes for less than $15 – the same price as some of the fancier sets. Now not all of the cookie cutters will work with sandwich bread and in fact we split up our set and use some of them with our play dough. We almost never use the DynoBytes set (it was only $5 so not too upset) because the bread we get is too small. So I like the cookie cutters better. Another added bonus for the cookie cutter set… We use them for cutting cheese slices into shapes and put them on crackers, too! All of them are a bit difficult to get through the bread sometimes although its more about patience than brawn.
  • Bathtime – Color My Bath! tablets are another one of our favorites. We’ve been using these since Milan was about 2. Bath time is fun. Its even better with color! Pair these tablets with some water guns or some Squirt and Float Toys and the fun just doesn’t stop (well at least until little fingers and toes get all pruned)!
  • Trucks + Boys = Fun! There is virtually no denying that boys love trucks and most little girls do too! The Caterpillar Construction Mini Machine 5-Pack is a very played with set. And to top it off, the book Roadwork has pictures of all the same vehicles! Now whenever we read that book Milan pulls out the truck set and the trucks are used to act out the pages. Definitely a great buy! Some other good construction books: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and Demolition
  • Drawing – I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of terrified to leave my toddler alone with crayons. That is until I discovered Crayola 8ct Dry Erase Crayons! I picked up a set of them and found a super cheap dry erase board at Staples (during back to school) and it has been a wonderful addition to our household. The large size are perfect for my son’s developing art skills. The board and the crayons stay out all the time. I even use the set to mark the dates on my food containers in the fridge. If you don’t want to search for both parts pick up the Crayola Dual-Sided Dry Erase Board with crayons.

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