Benadryl, a baby and a plane

My son is not a good sleeper in general. So the thought of hopping on a plane for 10 hours had me quite a bit terrified. While at the 15 month check up, I mentioned using allergy medicine. The doctor said it read okay but that I should test it before we went on the trip. Some kids actually get quite hyper and you also want to make sure that your child does not have an adverse affect.

A few days before our trip, we tested out the allergy medicine. It didn’t knock him out, but it did make him drowsy. So I packed up the medicine.

When I bought our tickets, I searched for tickets that would keep him on schedule when we flew. Which meant we flew across the country in the day, and then flew across the ocean at night.

Milan was due for a nap when our first flight departed. So right after take off, Milan fell asleep. He slept for a good hour and a half. The rest of the flight we did our best to occupy him.

Luckily for us, the lady that was sitting next to us offered to go to an empty seat. Although when she realized that her son had already paid for the in flight service, she started to change her mind. I QUICKLY offered to pay it for her new seat. That was easily one of the best $6 dollars I ever spent (second only to the ergo carrier I got at a garage sale for $6 dollars)!

We some how managed to keep him entertained for the remaining 3 hours. I must admit that it was more difficult than I thought it would be.

Luckily for us, when he really could not take it any more, we landed. We let him crawl/walk around the airport as much as we could manage him too. The lady at the news stand made a comment about his dirty hands. I told her that it was more important to get out all of his frustration and pent up energy than it was to have clean hands, especially since we had another really long flight ahead of us. And besides, his hands are washable. She laughed and then agreed with me.

About 20 minutes before our trans atlantic flight started to board, I took my son to the restroom while my husband sat with our carry ons (its nice to have an automatic luggage boy at your service). I gave Milan a sponge bath, let him play in the sink for a couple of moments and then changed his diaper. After we got in our seats, we put him in his pajamas and gave him the allergy medicine. After the plane took of we did his basic night time ritual … Sing the pajama song, read two of his favorite night time books, nursed and then he went to sleep.

He slept the entire flight, with the exception of when I had to get up and go to the lavatory. I even managed to eat dinner and breakfast. There were two points in the middle of the flight when I was asleep and he fell off my lap. It was sad and funny waking up to a baby crying that was between my legs and the seat in front of me.

Milan was still asleep for the landing. He only woke up about 10 minutes before we got off the plane.

Here’s hoping for an easy trip on the way back home.

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3 comments on “Benadryl, a baby and a plane
  1. Stephanie says:

    You posted this a while ago, but I have some questions I’m hoping you’ll answer. First of all, I’m confused- did you end up giving your son the Benadryl? Or did he manage all that sleep without ever giving it to him?

    We’re leaving in a week to Europe – a 14 hr flight. We decided to try Benadryl for the flight, knowing we first need to test it put, as you did. Here are my questions (if he did take the medicine): when did you give it to him, just before your first flight, then again during your bedtime routine? How old is your little one? Mine is 14 mo. My doctor told me diesels, but it seems like a pretty wide range 1.25-3 something. Did your doctor tell you how much to give?

    Anything else that might be helpful for me to know?


  2. Wendy says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Hopefully I’m getting back to you in time (just saw this comment now).

    We only gave him the Benadryl right when we got into our seats on the plane for the second/long flight (not both flights) just in case there was some unforeseen delay. He was 15 months at the time. I don’t remember exactly what we gave him, but I think it was only about 1/2 teaspoon but yes, my doctor did tell me how much to give.

    Hope you enjoy your flight and your little one sleeps for you!

    – Wendy

  3. Corine Hermanns says:

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