Baby Feeding Bags

I’m not really a paranoid mom, but I do want to keep my baby safe from choking. So I love all of the mesh feeder bags out there. After trying nearly all of them, I thought I’d share my opinion.

What are they? All of these are mesh bags that your child uses to gum or chew the food through. You can now give your baby food from the table when you’re out eating without the fear of choking. Its great for grapes, raisins, tougher meat or any other food that you can’t easily cut into small, soft pieces.

NOTE: Obviously, you will be cleaning food out of a mesh bag. Some foods are easier to clean out of the bags than others. Banana is a baby favorite but it takes some patience to clean it out of the mesh.

  • Sassy Teething Feeder – My favorite of all the feeders, though not necessarily the easiest to clean. It has a water filled area. I put the base in the freezer after cleaning and it helps keep the food colder longer ( did a side by side comparison). Just remember to clean the edge around the water filled area (my husband sometimes forgets to do that).
  • Designs 2-U Baby Safe Feeder – Most economical. No pretty colors to capture baby’s attention. Although now that my son knows that there is food in there, he doesn’t care that its just plain white. But if I put one of the more colorful ones on his tray with this one, he grabs the colorful ones first.
  • Nuby Nibbler Food – I like this one, too. My son seems to like the round handles better but he’s only 8 months old. Otherwise, its just as good as the other ones.
  • Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder – My least favorite of the bunch. I like the ones with a removable bag the best. However, I keep these in my diaper bag for when we’re out and about because I don’t care if one gets lost or I have to leave it behind.

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