Baby care essentials

  1. Emery Boards – You’ll be amazed at how fast those little claws can grow. I really like the travel size ones so I can put them in my diaper bag.
  2. Soft Hair Brush
  3. Shampoo/body soap – I have really sensitive skin so I started out with the Sensitive Skin shampoo from California Baby. I really like the California Baby Starter Tote so you can try out their products before you purchase the larger items.
  4. Diaper rash cream – My DS has sensitive skin like I do and has had a few issues with diaper rash. However, the California Baby Calendula Cream worked wonderfully (I got this in the starter kit). I keep the trial size in my diaper bag. I must admit, at home we really just use coconut oil. We haven’t had a problem with diaper rash since we’ve been using it. Also, we do use cloth diapers so we have to be careful about what kind of diaper rash cream we use.
  5. Mylicon, Gripe Water or Cocyntal – Do not underestimate the pain your child will be in from gas. No matter if you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, your baby will experience gas pain. Obviously, it is best if you can keep it from happening in the first place by burping enough, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. My DS responded the best to the Cocyntal but all work very well.
  6. Flannel or cotton wipes – although parents have been using wipes on newborns for many years now, there is still a good chance that your newborn will have an adverse reaction to them. It is best to use just plain water on some cotton or flannel wipes. There’s a reason that they use them at the hospital!
  7. First Aid Kit – Make sure there is a thermometer and a nasal aspirator (bulb syringe) in there. You’ll most likely have to use the nasal aspirator quite a few times (babies get sick 6-12 times during their first year). Hopefully you’ll never have to use the thermometer but if you do need to, its nice to know its there.
  8. Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off – When I was in college, I had a tendency to run myself down. Inevitably I’d end up with several bronchial infections throughout the school year. I’ll never forget the advice my doctor gave me – “take a cup of steam with you as you’re heading out the door.” Do not underestimate the effect that some steam can have on a nasty cough. If you have a little one, hearing them cough is heart wrenching. Having a humidifier helps you to feel like you are doing everything you can to help them feel better quickly. If you don’t have one, take your LO and stand in the shower with them. The steam will really do wonders!
  9. Formula – Before I begin, I want to mention that I exclusively breastfeed. But have you ever tried to breastfeed with food poisoning? Not so fun. Luckily I had pumped quite a bit of breast milk by the time my husband and I got food poisoning. We used up nearly all of my breast milk supply. I highly recommend having some formula on hand in case of emergencies. You really never can know what will happen.
  10. Bath tub – We really like the PRIMO EuroBath, but if your LO hates to be in the cradle position like our DS then you’ll want to get an upright tub like the Prince Lionheart washPOD
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