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Denial, disbelief and then acceptance

When the doctor gave the diagnosis about Max (9 months old) having moderate to sever global developmental delays, I honestly didn’t believe him. I was thinking, he just doesn’t know my son. He’s got to be wrong. You see, he

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Diagnosis from Specialist

If you are not aware of this, my youngest son Max has some major developmental delays. He’s not rolling over. He’s not sitting. And he’s definitely not crawling. He just started eating, like really eating not just spitting out anything

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Learning that your child has developmental delays

This is such a hard post to write because a part of me feels like if I don’t write it, its not true. But no amount of denial or hope will change the fact that my baby boy has major

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Go Red For Women ™ presents: ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’

Heart attacks are very different in women and this video shows how an ordinary “Super Mom” could have a heart attack without even knowing it. Starring and directed by Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks. “A little film about a super mom

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Goldie Blox doesn’t need 3 bears to be AWESOME!

My mom was a chemical engineer so math and science were just a given when I was growing up. I was fortunate to be able to play with Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys (although discontinued, luckily you can get Fiddlestix which

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Influence begins so early

There has never been a doubt in my mind that my son would behave and speak like his friends. I remember trying to emulate certain people growing up. Everyone does it and its part of the process of learning how

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Election season is over now I can get back to writing

For years, I’ve been actively involved in efforts that I believe in.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be as involved as I’d like now that I have two kids and I’ve been working so much (both are very good reasons

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Best gifts for 3 year old toddler (boy or girl) and all under $25

With Christmas around the corner and what seems to be an endless line up of birthday parties I thought it was appropriate to write up a list of some of the best gifts for toddlers and the best part… they’re

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In a sea of Pink, Today I wear Red

In the midst of a sea of pink all for the noble cause of Breast Cancer awareness month, I wear red today. For today mark’s the 25th anniversary of the day my mommy died. She was only 41 years young

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Thankful for my life as it is

I just finished reading a heart felt post: The Moment I Realized Our Struggles Weren’t Going Away. In reading it, I hear some of the echoes of much of my life. Worked hard, got a good job, made good money –

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