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Pirate Birthday Party

This is a long, long time coming. As my son will be 5 this year and the pirate party was for his 3rd birthday, I’m a bit behind on the posts about birthday parties.  But better late than never, right?

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Homemade acne mask

So I do realize that the title says homemade acne mask, but the truth is this mask is good for all kinds of skin types. I call it an acne mask because my primary purpose in using it is to

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Christmas Eve around the World – Japan

We have started a new tradition this year, each year on Christmas Eve we will be celebrating it with the traditions of another country. This year: Japan! How are we celebrating? Well, Christmas is not very popular in Japan. However,

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Getting rid of acne

Acne and I have had a love/hate relationship: Acne loves me, I hate Acne. Its taken a long time for me to get rid of acne. You’d think by the time I hit my 30’s that I wouldn’t have to struggle

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Pumpkin Bread Pudding in the crock pot

Came across a recipe during Thanksgiving that I was really wanting to try. Last night was the night. My friend had given us a loaf of a very grainy bread. It was delicious, but realistically we wouldn’t use it for

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Homemade deodorant

This recipe for homemade deodorant is actually a very easy and surprisingly very effective. Both my husband and I use it and as you may or may not know, my husband works for a construction company and let’s face it, men

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Super easy crispy fried onions

I have a really easy way of doing crispy fried onions. My father in law (who is a chef) watched in horror as I made them. All you need is an onion, some oil & a stove. Well, technically you

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Dairy Free Chocolate Coconut Haystacks Recipe

I love coconut. I love chocolate. What could be better than a dairy free chocolate coconut haystacks recipe? How about a no-bake recipe that only requires a microwave or hot plate? Yep, that’s right, this recipe is perfect for a

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Raddish – Cooking with Kids

I was privileged to be part of a test group for a new product that will be coming out called Raddish. It was developed by Samantha Barnes of Kitchen Kids and her team. Its along the lines of Kiwi Crate

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I am one of those stupid parents that left their child in the car

Yes, you read the title right. I left my newborn son in the car. What kind of stupid mom am I? I must be a really bad parent, right? I don’t think so. Most people who know me know how

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