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Milan is Cruising

Before Milan was crawling, I was very happy that he hadn’t figured out how to motor himself around without assistance. It made for an easier move and an easier transition into our new place. Milan has totally mastered the crawling.

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Plush Beauty Bar is awesome

I finally made my way over to Plush Beauty Bar today. It really is awesome if you have a kid or kids. Several of the moms in my mommy group and I went and got services. The staff was amazing.

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Hubby’s Birthday

For a birthday present, our dear friend volunteered to watch Milan for us on Saturday night. My friend and I have had numerous discussions about clutter and how much she abhors it. Since she is doing us the favor of

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Hybrid Mom – Purse Dump Contest

Have you heard of Hybrid Mom? No, well its a really cool website for moms – “A community connecting moms on the things that matter most.” Its a lot like Baby Center, but I like it a little more (although

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Facebook Fan Page

Lately, most of the web design work I’ve gotten has been to add a blog to an existing website. That means no real design work needs to be done. Having a baby has greatly changed my ability to whip out

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Food Shopping with Friends

One of the moms from the mommy group (that I found on, her son, my son and I went to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Both of us are avid farmer’s market consumers and this was our second trip

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Walking, walking, bus and then more walking

Recently, I had some major maintenance on my car. Unfortunately, there was still a problem – its leaking oil – not good! I still like the shop I go to (Westcoast Tire & Service) and since they have a 100%

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Stop using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

While I was pregnant, I learned that the “tear free” ingredient in most baby shampoos and in particular, Johnson & Johnson, was a numbing agent. Basically, the baby doesn’t feel that his or her eyes are being burned by the

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New Website Layout Coming Soon

I’m working on a new website layout right now. As much as I like the clean lines of the current one, it is not very reflective of what this website is all about. Don’t have a launch date yet (my

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Snack Cups

Since our little munchkin is all about the snacks, we found snack cups to be indispensable. The two best snack cups on the market for toddlers are the Made For Mom Snack Trap and the Munchkin Snack Catchers. Both have

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